About Anneloes

Anneloes Geldermans (1974) studied, lived, and worked in South-Africa, the United States, and Aruba. She now lives in Portugal and the Netherlands. Anneloes began her career as a journalist. Subsequently, she worked as a spokesperson and communications manager for various companies. She guided, coached, and advised (often in times of crisis) the leaders of the corporate world (among others ING and Staples) and the government (among others the Ministry of Justice and Security, and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science). Currently, she is working as a (communications) consultant in the financial and nuclear (medical) sector, besides providing customised mentoring and workshops.

Anneloes helps her clients in a personal, goal-oriented, and down-to-earth manner. To help as many people as possible, Anneloes collaborates with other professionals, such as psychologists, trainers, and communication consultants.

As a journalist, spokesperson, and communications manager, I needed a 24/7 mentality. I had to be able to continuously translate complex, technical issues into understandable communication for different target audiences. Under pressure and in times of crisis I worked day and night. Choices needed to be made and I had to calmly keep overview, connect the right people, and advise top management in difficult situations. Meanwhile, I was also switched on 24/7 at home … especially considering that I am married to a soldier who is sometimes away from home for months.

I learned that a proper balance can be found between working (hard) and living (fully). Anyone who is actively working on his or her mental health will feel better, is more productive, and has more time for themselves and for others. With the Bon Siman programmes, I am hoping to surprise, inspire, motivate, and activate people.